I am an "Island Girl". I was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and I have lived in Canada since 1989.  The eldest of four daughters, to my parents Esther and Stephen, who raised me in a heart space and consciousness of the answers within.

My husband and I met in Toronto while working at a luxury hotel over 15 years ago.  Shawn and I were married one summer day in 2003 at a beautiful Art Gallery and Gardens overlooking the lake.  He is my best friend and soul's sweetest companion (along with our 3 beautiful children Isaiah, Jaxen and Soleil).

With the birth of each of our children, my heart exploded and multiplied exponentially.  The love that I have for them is reason enough to be alive.  Isaiah, Jaxen and Soleil are each a unique little creation and creative being unfolding before my eyes.  The journey of being their mother is so multi-dimensional and certainly one of the greatest roles and responsibilities that I am honoured with and so very grateful for.


I am in love with the human spirit and I am fascinated by the power of passion and a human heart on fire.  I am a lover of art and colour, of music and dancing, of food and experiences, of cultures and travel, of people and life.

I am passionate about helping people see their own beauty and strengths; helping them to find their own beautiful confidence and their own joyous offering to the world.

I believe that we are each born with the innate instinct of kindness, compassion and love; that these inclinations are embedded in the fibres of our beings.  I believe there is much more good in the world than people are aware of or believe in and that by believing in each other we can awaken our true potential and come together to do incredible things for our fellow human beings and for life on earth.


One of my most treasured and loved experiences in life is of being a vessel and having inspiration flow through me.  To feel the guidance and support of my intuition and of life itself and all of the components of which I am humble enough to accept that I may never fully understand or figure out with my human brain but that I trust in.  I am guided by a pull of my heart, a peaceful stillness, a gut feeling of knowingness, a blazing fire in my belly.


I LOVE WORDS.  Words are powerful.  There are words coming out of us and towards us all the time and often we are unaware of the effects on ourselves and people, things or events in our lives.

I believe that many people underestimate the power of words and are unconscious of the words that they say and use on a daily basis whether it is to themselves or to others, out loud or unspoken.

We as human beings are even more powerful than words as we have a choice in whether we allow words to weaken us or make us stronger.  

We have the ability to choose our words intentionally for our own good and for the greater good of all.

We have the ability to re-frame and re-write any words that we no longer choose or that no longer serve us, our purpose or our intention. We have the ability to be the sorcerer or the magician and use our words as our wand.


When I give of myself or share what I have with another human being, I experience myself as love, as kindness and sometimes as compassion.  When I allow myself the freedom to forgive another person whom I feel has done something wrong to me, I also experience myself as unconditional love and connect to that place of kindness and compassion.  As an added bonus, in my then state of consciousness and awareness I also see my own mistakes and humanness and lovingly extend the same compassion and forgiveness to myself.

I have learned, yet continue to learn the importance of acceptance.  The only constant is change and growth.  Accepting others where they are and accepting myself where I am (in this moment without any lables or definitions or putting anyone into a box) leaves room for us to show up fully in each moment.  With an open curiosity and underlying belief that we are ever changing/ever evolving beings and leaving room for us to be whomever we choose to be in that moment, we can honour the gift of now and be fully present.

I move to the beat of my own inner drum and feel my heart ignite and spirit in flight when I let go and enjoy the freedom and magic of the experience in the moment.  Whether I am dancing or singing, playing or being silly with my kids or connecting in conversation on a deep meaningful level with another human being, there is a fire that burns passionately within me and a breath of LIFE!


Nature has been one of my greatest teachers and experiences of joy.  I love trees and smile to watch the wind move through them as their leaves wave hello.  I am drawn to the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds and waterfalls…the sound of water, the movement, the soft magnificent power…the clarity, the reflection, the support!  Whether I jump in and plunge deep into the depths of the water or allow it to shower me with forgiveness and wash away any doubts or worries, whether I lay on the sand and feel the waves of blessings and opportunities wash up and over me or whether I sit on the jetty bathe in the beauty of the ripples and sunlight sparkles, I love to breathe it all in.

I love to notice the patterns and shapes in nature and see the strength and beauty of each element.  The perfect imperfection, the contrasts, the buds, the growth, the food and the nourishment, the spirals, the layers, the way that each piece plays an integral role in supporting the system as a whole.

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