“I am looking to Jodi for coaching support as I am building a new business from the ground up.  Some of the benefits that I receive from our sessions include energy, enthusiasm, direction, perspective, creativity and accountability.  Although I know I am ultimately the only person that can truly hold myself accountable, just having a consistent weekly meeting with my coach supports that accountability; keeping me on track and following through on my commitments and time lines for specific actions.  I like that the answers in my coaching sessions come from myself.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Jodi has a way of opening up doors in my perspective to bring out my own insight and wisdom.  I feel more committed to completing actions that came to me intuitively.  I leave our sessions feeling invigorated and energized about taking action.  My business has been growing more quickly than I had expected and I know having Jodi as a coach has a lot to do with this.” - E.S.

“Coaching with Jodi felt like confiding with an old friend.  Easy and never judgmental.  Our time together brought in the awareness and perspective I needed to simplify daily tasks that seemed overwhelming.  We worked on time management, prioritizing and goal setting/visualizing, while also working through deeper issues that were holding back my progress and joy.  All of this led to various mind shifts and alternative ways of viewing relationships and situations that otherwise had me stuck.  Jodi is genuine, compassionate, sensitive, insightful and holds you accountable and on track in the gentlest of ways.” - I.D.

“One of my very special moments with Jodi was when she helped me get over my stage fright to sing in front of people. One short session was enough to make me feel bolder and stronger and just do it! This was just one of our times together, and every time I have felt enveloped by her warm presence and deep caring that shines through her soothing voice. Anyone who gets the opportunity to coach with Jodi will experience something magic with her, and I can only say that this world is already a better place because of her.” - Manuela F.

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